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Overview and Japan Office

TNO (NEDERLANDSE ORGANISATIE VOOR TOEGEPAST NATUURWETENSCHAPPELIJK ONDERZOEK) is an independent research organization in the Netherlands. Its mission is to connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the competitive strength of industry and the well-being of society in a sustainable way and its activities are internationally recognized. We, as Japan office, represent TNO's social theme "Healthy Living" as well as Triskelion BV (the subsidiary company of TNO and Fisrt Dutch Innovation), and promote the contract research and consultation services in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and foods. We also promote Open Innovation and Shared Research Program of TNO to the Japanese / Asian companies for the purpose of commercialization of technology seeds.

Research Facilities, Business Locations

office TNO Zeist | Triskelion BV
Utrechtseweg 48, 3704 HE Zeist,
The Netherlands
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office TNO Leiden Gaubius Laboratory
Zernikedreef 9, 2333 CK Leiden,
The Netherlands
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office TNO Leiden Schipholweg
Schipholweg 77-89, PO Box 3005,
2316 ZL Leiden, The Netherlands
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office TNO_Soesterberg
Physiological Sensoring, Human interface
Kampweg 5 , NL-3769 DE, Soesterberg,
The Netherlands
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office TNO Pharma, Triskelion BV Japan Office
4-1-1, Akasaka, Minatoku,
Tokyo 107-0052 JAPAN
TEL +81-(0)3-6234-4195
office TNO Japan K.K.
(Contact for TNO Automotive)
3-7-18, Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku,
Yokohama 222-0033 JAPAN
Expert Office 528
TEL: 045-594-7519

Access to TNO Pharma, Triskelion BV Japan Office, Tokyo