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Human Body Brain Interaction Platform; Model of Stress-induced Cognition Impairment

サンプルイメージ   Overview;Unique Body-Brain Technology for mental health, cognition, stress, performance, wellbeing to investigate the efficacy (or adverse effect) of various types of test product or factor such as medicine, nutrient, lifestyle, and psycho-social.
 > Rapid (2W) human studies to test interventions
 > Subject; Healthy volunteer

Test option;
 > Psychomotor Vigilance Test; Attention/Alertness
 > Working Memory Task; Reasoning and Decision making
 > Cognitive Flexibility Task; Adaptation, Task switching
 > Attention Network test; Alertness, Orientation
 > Affective Stroop Task; Processing of Emotional info
 > Driving simulator test

 > Brain:EEG, fNIRS(functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy)
 > Eye:Pupil size, Blink, Eye tracking
 > Blood:Cytokines, Cortisol, Metabolic, Inflammation markers
 > Heart:ECG, HRV (Heart rate variability)
 > Microbiota, Microbiota Metabolite
 > Wearable device: Daily monitoring, EMA, ESM
 > Reaction time, Acuracy, Cognitive performance
 > Skin conductance, Arousal, Body Posture, Activity
 > Questionnaire

Stressors ;
 > Cognitive load, Noise, Cold water, Climate chamber
 > Sleep deprivation, Emotional stress, Social stress
 > Mild electric shock, Hypoberic room
 > Aerobic exercise, Obstacle course

 > Novel prediction algorithms (e.g., early alert systems warn for acute lapses in performance)
 > Identify novel treatments to increase cognitive performance and alertness
 > Identify novel treatments (e.g. supplements) that help to cope with little sleep

Gut-Liver-Brain Axis Research to Improve Metabolic Health, "GLoBAL" (ongoing project, Open for partnering)

サンプルイメージ   Overview; Investigation of Gut-Liver-Brain Axis in severe obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery(~n=150) with extensive characterization of tissue biopsies and systems biology. Extensive neuroimaging (MRI), cognition tests, plasma and microbiota analysis over time (pre-operation, hospitalization and post-operation).

  Readout and Samples;
 > Brain; Cognition, Behaviour test, Brain fMRI scan
 > Samples (n=500)
  > Tissue; Liver, Adipose tissue, jejunam.
  > Plasma; Lipidomics, Adipokine, Hepatokines, Bile acids, etc.
  > Microbiota; Feces, Mucosal swab; Stomach, jejunam

  Tests conducted;
 > NeuroPhysiological test; MoCA, COWAT, IQ, Working memory, Episodic memory, TAP.
 > Behaviour; Scores of Impulsivity, Motivation, Depression, GI complaint, etc
 > GI complaints (e.g. GSRS and IBS-SSS scores) to evaluate diarrhea, obstipation and others

  Invitation to analyse specific health aspect using the samples in stock as the followings;
  > Liver (histology, transcriptomics)
  > Visceral adipose tissues
  > Jejunum, gut permeability
  > Mucosal & feces microbiota
  > Plasma
  > SCFA, amino acids, lipids, bile acids, Vitamins, etc

  Opportunities to assess relation between MB and Brain
  > Choose interaction of interest (e.g. microbiota to long-term memory, or gut permeability to cognition tests)
  > Use available data or eventually measure additional parameters
  > Check for correlations or associations
  > Identify critical body parameters that correlate with brain health
  > Analysis over time, e.g. microbiota traits that predispose a person to develop GI pain complaints.

Pre-clinical model for Brain Health, Neuroinflammation and Aging Research

サンプルイメージ   Proprietary TNO mouse strain: LDLR-/-, Leiden mice
 > Established model for obesity, NAFLD/NASH, CVD.
 > Human-like pathology and human-like molecular mechanisms.
 > Head-to-head: model mimics most important patient subgroups.
     (Alvarez-Arranz et al, Hepatology, 2022)

  Functional and Molecular Readout;
 > Behaviour & cognition tests during natural aging
 > Histopathology: morphology & protein expression and distribution
 > Brain: transcriptomics, oxylipins, multiplex neuroinflammation
     panel; oxidative stress

  Advanced imaging;in collaboration with Radboudumc
 > Brain structure (e.g. grey matter and white matter integrity)
 > Brain function (connectivity analysis, cerebral blood flow)
 > Polarized light imaging

  Atherosclerosis induced via Autonomous Nerveous System
  > Nervous system (Fight and Flight Branch = Sympathetic)
  > Neuroimmune cardiovascular interfaces control atherosclerosis