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サンプルイメージ   概要; メンタルヘルス、認知、ストレス、パフォーマンスを評価指標とする脳と身体の相関研究向けユニークなヒューマンインターフェース
 > 試験期間;~2週間
 > 対象:医薬品、栄養素、ライフスタイル、社会的心理要因等
 > 目的:認知機能、覚醒度、メンタルヘルス等の改善度評価
 > Subject: 主に健常者(リクルート対象者、例数、年齢層応相談)

 > 覚醒テスト: Psychomotor Vigilance Test; Attention/Alertness
 > 作業記憶: Working Memory Task; Reasoning and Decision making
 > 認知柔軟性: Cognitive Flexibility Task; Adaptation, Task switching
 > 注意ネットワーク:Attention Network test; Alertness, Orientation
 > 情動抑制:Affective Stroop Task; Processing of Emotional info
 > ドライビングシミュレーターテスト;Driving simulator test

 > 脳:EEG, fNIRS(functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy)
 > 目:瞳孔サイズ、まばたき、視線追跡
 > 血液:サイトカイン、コルチゾール、代謝性疾患・炎症マーカー
 > 心:ECG、HRV (Heart rate variability)
 > 腸内細菌叢、腸内細菌叢による代謝物
 > ウエアラブルディバイス: Daily monitoring, EMA, ESM
 > 反応時間、正確さ、認知能力
 > 皮膚コンダクタンス、覚醒度、姿勢
 > 質問票による調査

 > 認知負荷、ノイズ、冷水、室温変化、気圧変化
 > 睡眠不足、情緒的ストレス、社会的ストレス
 > 低レベル電気刺激、有酸素運動、障害物コース

 > 新規予測アルゴリズム開発:
 > 認知能力と注意力を向上させる新規治療法の特定
 > 睡眠不足改善に有効な新規治療法 (例:サプリメント) の特定

Gut-Liver-Brain Axis Research to Improve Metabolic Health "GLoBAL"

サンプルイメージ   Overview; Investigation of Gut-Liver-Brain Axis in severe obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery(~n=150) with extensive characterization of tissue biopsies and systems biology. Extensive neuroimaging (MRI), cognition tests, plasma and microbiota analysis over time (pre-operation, hospitalization and post-operation).

  Readout and Samples;
 > Brain; Cognition, Behaviour test, Brain fMRI scan
 > Samples (n=500)
  > Tissue; Liver, Adipose tissue, Jejunam.
  > Plasma; Lipidomics, Adipokine, Hepatokines, Bile acids, etc.
  > Microbiota; Feces, Mucosal swab; Stomach, Jejunam

  Tests conducted;
 > NeuroPhysiological test; MoCA, COWAT, IQ, Working memory, Episodic memory, TAP.
 > Behaviour; Scores of Impulsivity, Motivation, Depression, GI complaint, etc
 > GI complaints (e.g. GSRS and IBS-SSS scores) to evaluate diarrhea, obstipation and others

  Invitation to analyse specific health aspect using the samples in stock as the followings;
  > Liver (histology, transcriptomics)
  > Visceral adipose tissues
  > Jejunum, gut permeability
  > Mucosal & feces microbiota
  > Plasma
  > SCFA, amino acids, lipids, bile acids, Vitamins, etc

  Opportunities to assess relation between MB and Brain
  > Choose interaction of interest (e.g. microbiota to long-term memory, or gut permeability to cognition tests)
  > Use available data or eventually measure additional parameters
  > Check for correlations or associations
  > Identify critical body parameters that correlate with brain health

Pre-clinical model for Brain Health, Neuroinflammation and Aging Research

サンプルイメージ   Proprietary TNO mouse strain: LDLR-/-, Leiden mice
 > Established model for obesity, NAFLD/NASH, CVD.
 > Human-like pathology and human-like molecular mechanisms.
 > Head-to-head: model mimics most important patient subgroups.
     (Alvarez-Arranz et al, Hepatology, 2022)

  Functional and Molecular Readout;
 > Behaviour & cognition tests during natural aging
 > Histopathology: morphology & protein expression and distribution
 > Brain: transcriptomics, oxylipins, multiplex neuroinflammation
     panel; oxidative stress

  Advanced imaging;in collaboration with Radboudumc
 > Brain structure (e.g. grey matter and white matter integrity)
 > Brain function (connectivity analysis, cerebral blood flow)
 > Polarized light imaging

  Atherosclerosis induced via Autonomous Nerveous System
  > Nervous system (Fight and Flight Branch = Sympathetic)
  > Neuroimmune cardiovascular interfaces control atherosclerosis